What Is a Trademark?

Trademarks are words, symbols, and/or designs that distinguish the source of one party’s goods or services from those of others. The USPTO describes a trademark as “an indication that the products or services of a particular party are from a certain source.” This protection gives you exclusive rights to use the mark on your product, service, and in advertising.



電子香煙(也稱為電子香煙、汽化器、vape 或電子水煙)是一種電池供電的設備,可將液態尼古丁和調味劑加熱成蒸汽供吸入。這是一種比傳統香煙危害更小的吸煙形式。許多電子煙含有高濃度的尼古丁,可能會讓人上癮。這些產品面向年輕人銷售,事實證明,如果使用電子煙,年輕人更有可能開始吸煙。