Choosing a Table Lamp

Table lamp https://www.philipslighting.com.hk/product-category/desklamps/ adds the finishing touch to any room. Sit it on a sofa side table to glam up evening family time or on a nightstand for the perfect reading companion.

Ceramics convey a relaxed and laid-back appearance while wooden table lamps fit nicely with elegant or traditional designs. Glass or art glass tables lamps often lean towards modern styles.

Ambiance and Warmth

Table lamps are great at adding a warm, cozy feel to a room. The lamp shade tends to be shaped in a more flared fashion which helps to diffuse the light and reduce harsh shadows. Some styles are also more angular or smoothly curved and offer the opportunity to bring a modern edge to a room.

Some styles may use crystal on the lamp base to add to the elegance and warmth of the style. Others may be wood based and work well in an elegant or traditional themed room. Some lamps are sold in sets and are a perfect way to complement the other elements of a room.

A variation on a crystal or tiffany lamp is the art glass lamp. These use toughened glass but are sculpted into a single unified piece to produce beautiful shapes that often resemble nature such as flowing forms or flowers. Art glass can be highly colored and can really make a statement as part of a room design.


Table lamps can enhance the decor of a room and provide task lighting for reading, crafts, or computer work. Some come with a built in USB port that allows you to charge your electronic devices. They can also feature a dimmer switch for adjusting the lighting.

Because table lamps produce less light than floor or ceiling lights, they are best used next to chairs, sofas and loveseats where you are seated. They typically produce around 100 to 150 watts and may use screw-in fluorescent, LED or full spectrum bulbs.

For a bedroom, consider bedside table lamps for easy access to your book in the middle of the night. You can also use a decorative tiffany style lamp that emits beautiful colored glass pieces creating an elegant focal point on your nightstand. If you have a narrow hallway or buffet table with little room for a lamp, consider taller buffet lamps to add light without taking up too much space.


While many people don’t think of table lamps as furniture, they can be used to create a focal point and set the tone for a room. They can also work with a wide variety of decor styles from modern to traditional.

There are a wide variety of table lamp bases and shades to choose from. For example, you could go with a simple and classic white shade to match a basic living room or use a more sophisticated shade to create a bold style statement.

A common mistake is buying a lampshade that is too large for the base. This will make the lamp look out of proportion with the base and the surrounding decor. You can avoid this by measuring the height of the base and then choosing a lampshade that is no more than 2 inches taller. Some lamps are made with manufactured wood which is a combination of fragments glued together and often costs less than real wood.


When choosing a Table Lamp, the material used in the base and shade will have a big impact on the overall look. For example, glass lamps offer a wide range of design possibilities, whether the base is transparent for a sleek modern aesthetic or opaque for a softly diffused lighting effect. Glass can also be blown, etched or textured to create intricate patterns that add a touch of artistry to the piece.

Brass lamps can bring a sophisticated feel to your decor and can work well in both contemporary and traditional styles. Ceramic is a versatile and eye-catching material, with designs ranging from simple curves to sculptural thistle-like pieces.

Other material options include marble, porcelain and manufactured wood (also known as MDF or particleboard). Manufactured wood is a good choice for children’s rooms, as it is durable and often painted in bright colors. It is less expensive than solid wood.

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