How to Decorate Your Party Room

Many homes feature rooms dedicated to entertaining. These can be a dining room, gathering space or an additional den. Whatever type of room you choose, it must also serve your family’s day-to-day living needs.

For example, if you plan to host many parties during the holidays, you may want to install frameless interior glass doors to exemplify your decorating style while providing easy access for guests.

Decorate the Walls

If you want your party room game idea https://losthk.com/unleash-excitement-party-room-idea/ to look like a scene from a movie, decorate the walls with photos and artwork that match the theme. This is a great way to make your guests feel welcome and excited about the event.

You can also hang streamers and other decorations on the walls to add color and flair. For example, if your theme is a winter wonderland, hang snowflakes and tinsel. You can also drape blue or white string lights on the ceiling to light up the room.

When decorating a home party room game idea, you want it to accommodate a variety of guests and be flexible for your family’s entertaining style. Whether you’re planning a large party or just a small gathering, frameless interior glass doors help you create a space that looks stunning and feels expansive.

Make a Garland

Rather than spend hours making table centerpieces that get destroyed, make a statement decoration like a garland or arch that you can keep and reuse. These are a great idea for weddings, birthdays and holiday parties but also make the perfect backdrop for a photo booth or to hang behind a food buffet.

Use an inflated balloon chain to build a garland that highlights your party theme or motto. You can buy kits that include letters, hearts and other motifs or you can cut out simple shapes from colored paper. For example, Oh Happy Day layered differently coloured tissue paper sheets together and cut them wildly along the edges to create this amazing fringe garland.

Or you could try this elongated garland idea that’s ideal for wider spaces like over doors or mantels. Most garlands come at least 16 feet long but can be connected for a longer length. These are a hit at bachelor parties and are easily stored in between events.

Hang Streamers

Crepe paper streamers are an inexpensive party decoration that makes a big impact. They’re easy to use, versatile and come in a wide range of colors that will match any theme. They’re especially useful for creating camera-worthy backdrops, ceiling focal points and stunning chair decorations.

To create a wall of flowing streamers, tape one length of the paper to the ceiling and then stretch it out. When you reach the end, measure to determine how long you want your swag to be and cut. Repeat the process on each side of the room.

You can also use streamers to make a bow for the throne seat at a baby shower or bridal shower. The layered streamer bow is particularly eye-catching and fits the style of the event. This is a great way to decorate so that the decor stays out of reach of little hands.

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