How to Turn Your Home Into a Party Room

Whether it’s a dining room that gets turned into the dance floor or a bedroom where the girls’ sleepover takes over, having flexibility in your home when it comes to entertaining can make the difference between an OK party and a great one. Frameless interior glass can add that flexibility you need to transform any space into a kids party game idea


The lighting in your home party room sets the ambiance and creates the mood for your guests. It can also highlight and direct attention to certain features, such as an hors d’oeuvre table or a new centerpiece. Choose recessed, uplighting or track lighting to accentuate the architecture and provide subtle background lighting. Wireless rechargeable battery-operated uplights can give you a range of colors and dimmer options. They work well under draping and can be synced to your music.

Many people remodel their homes to include a dedicated Party Room. This space often functions as a dining room, gathering area or additional den and serves as the primary social center for the family when it is not being used for parties. In the early days of Internet culture, these rooms were popular meeting places for fans to exchange fandom gossip and discuss their favorite books, movies and TV shows. The close quarters and the presence of food, drinks and cigarette smoke can make these party centers feel claustrophobic for some, but the experience is still fun.


Balloons can be a great way to add fun and excitement to a Party Room. They are a quick and affordable addition that can make the room feel bright and cheery.

Foil and latex balloons are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Foil balloons often feature custom-printed messages and artwork.

Latex balloons can be grouped into bunches or made into arches and columns to serve as decorative backdrops for food and drink tables. You can also use them to create step-and-repeat photo ops.

Photo Displays

Displaying photos is an easy way to add a personal touch to any party. Whether you use a photo wall, a slideshow, or another creative idea, your guests will love taking a walk down memory lane.

Create a colorful photo balloon bouquet that can be displayed in the middle of the room. You can also expand this concept to include initials, flowers, smiles, or any other shape that is meaningful to the guest of honor.

Framed clusters are another simple yet eye-catching way to show off your memories. You can even use multiple photos and other memorabilia, such as tickets or awards.

You can even turn your photos into a puzzle for your guests to enjoy. You can find pre-made numbers in any size at Shindigz online party supplies that will fit the number you need, or you can cut one out of cardboard and glue on copies of your photos.


A kids party game idea needs to be a complete environment. That includes the decorations, which play an important role in creating a fun atmosphere for your guests. While it may seem like a small detail, the right decor can set the stage for your entire event.

Inflatable decorations are available in a wide variety of shapes that fit nearly any theme. For example, you can find inflatable palm trees and treasure chests for a tropical theme, or dragons and princesses for a girl’s birthday party.

Hanging decorations add a touch of drama and elegance to any space. Try using a backdrop made from streamers or glitter for an unforgettable look. You can also use paper fans to make a quick and easy decoration that fits many themes, including Valentine’s Day and bridal showers.

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