Party Room Causeway Bay

Party room Causeway Bay https://losthk.com/party-room-game-causeway-bay/ is a great place to host large-scale events. They offer a wide range of facilities to ensure a successful event. The venues are conveniently located near MTR stations and shopping centers.

If you are looking for a fun venue to spend a rainy day with friends, check out these party rooms in Causeway Bay. They offer plenty of entertainment facilities, including karaoke and video games.

You home@ partyroom

You home@ partyroom is a unique party room near Causeway Bay that offers a variety of games and sports. This cosy venue features karaoke, pool, PS5, beer pong, electric darts and automatic mahjong. It also has a rooftop BBQ space and can provide catering services. This is a great place to celebrate birthdays or bachelorette parties.

Located behind SOGO on Lockhart Road, Store party room is a hipster space for gamers and sports fanatics. It has several rooms with different themes, including the ‘Causeway Bay’ room featuring vintage posters and signs, the ‘Camping’ room complete with a tent, and the artistic ‘Wooden’ room. It is a short walk from Causeway Bay MTR station.

Whether you’re looking for a cool theme or a fun game facility, you’ll find it at one of these unique party venues in Hong Kong. All of them are gathered on HelloToby, so you can easily find and book the perfect one for your party.

The Roomss

Like other classic bad movies (Plan 9 From Outer Space, Troll 2), The Roomss features many of the classic bad-film hallmarks: a rogue director with an unquenchable thirst for self-importance; a hapless actor with no acting ability; and a shoddy effects budget. However, unlike other notoriously terrible films, The Roomss was free to be whatever Tommy Wiseau wanted it to be. His domineering personality and tendency to berate cast and crew members made filming the movie a nightmare.

Upon entering The Rooms, players hear the ambient sound of wind blowing and rustling. This sound is similar to the audio in Undertale’s “But Nobody Came”; both have a low-pitched, monotonous noise.

Several hostile entities inhabit The Rooms, which are identical to those found in Hotel+. They are named in increments of 30, with the exception of Glitch, which debuted prior to The Roomss’ release. Attempting to use the crucifix or candle in The Rooms will yield no results, as these entities are immune to supernatural intervention.


The party room Causeway Bay district is home to many distinct event-ready spaces that can be rented for a day, a few weeks, or even months. These venues include old warehouses and apartments. They are ideal for a variety of events, including birthday parties and karaoke nights. Some also offer food and drinks.

This hipster-style party room features three cosy rooms with a mix of games and facilities. There’s a giant twister, table football, pool tables, automatic mahjong, PS4, electric darts board, and karaoke. It also has a rooftop BBQ space and catering options.

Blackroom is a browser-based narrative game that’s perfect for late night play. The gameplay is reminiscent of classic FPS titles, with fast movement and circle-strafing. The game’s url is 28+ random letters, making it hard to remember, but it can be passed from friend to friend like an intimate secret. Its storyline revolves around a fictional technology company and its rogue holographic simulations.

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